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Free DNS

FreeDNS.VN is the second version of the Both DNS servers are placed at VDC center and currently serving over 100,000,000 domain names.
Free DNS – Dynamic DNS
DNS is the “backbone” of the Internet which every domain name needs a stable DNS system to remain your website accessible. The new Dynamic DNS version is a true DNS managing system, not only updating dynamic IPs through a software installed in your computer at home, but also allowing you to use dynamic DNS to administrate DNS for domain names and forward emails for free.
Free DNS – Dynamic DNS
  • User-friendly interface and on-site instructions will help you avoid errors and keep the procedures brief.
  • Support all common records: A, CNAME, MX, TXT… you can appoint TTL for each record.
  • Free Automated IP update software is easy to install on your computer to make your domain always point to the right dynamic IP provided by ISP.
  • In the near future, your network devices will also be supported to have IP update standards via Modem.
  • Support TXT and SPF and allow you to setup your email outgoing smoothly.
  • URL Redirect record allows you to redirect your browser, and Frame allows you to load another website under your private domain name.
Register to use
You are not required to have a domain name to use it right away, but you can use a sub-domain of some free domain names we provide such as,; and you can even create your own email for this sub domain. now