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Over 14 million websites operated under .net. Do you register one for your site?


    Established in January 1985 and becoming one of the first domain names in the world, .net was initially intended to provide for companies in information technology.  
    However, soon after that, based on the development requirement of the market, .net has been increasingly used in the variety of fields. Eventually, .net is a multi-use domain name, and not bound with the semantics of “Network”. We surf websites on the Internet for connecting together every day. Therefore, any website used for networking can use the .net domain name.  
    Currently, over 14 million websites around the world are using this domain name.


    - Be one of the most popular domain names in the world, .net brings you your prestige and gives users your reliability.
    - Create professionalism in building your brand name, especially for anyone who want to start up in technology.
    - Prioritized by SEO.
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  • Powerful administration tools

  • Support for redirecting domains

  • Change Whois information quickly

  • Domain locking

  • Information security

  • Subdomains

  • Dynamic DNS system

  • Transfer domains