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Dispute Policy

General principles

  • All customers using Mat Bao services have their legal rights under contracts and laws.
  • We always receive and attempt to resolve any questions and disputes over Mat Bao products and services based on good faith in maximum 20 days.
  • Valid time for rising disputes and complaints:
    • - No more than 90 days for service quality.
    • - No more than 30 days for sales.
  • The procedure of dispute resolution is all in writing and in accordance with current laws.

Process and procedure

Step 1: Receive complaints or responses

When you have any feedback or complaints about our services, please contact us via these modes.

- Customer service team at our offices.

- Switchboard 19001830.

- Email at

- Complaint letters by post to the address at 334 Cao Thang, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC, Vietnam.


- In your emails and letters, please specify the content of complaint, resolution request and all the documents related to our services and your use.

- For the “Complaint Form”, please click here

Step 2: Resolution

- If you directly come to our offices, you have to fill out the “Complaint Form” – containing the customers’ complaints, responses and requests.

- Right after receiving your requests directly or via email, Mat Bao will verify and modify it, and reply you in 48 hours (if the matter is resolved, or we need more information) and/or invite you to come and resolve the matter directly.

- In complicated cases related to the other parties, we might need more time to verify and resolve the matter, but not exceeding 20 days.

Step 3: Second-Time Resolution

- If the Customer doesn’t agree with Mat Bao resolution, we would send you the second invitation for the agreement between two parties.

- If the Customer doesn’t agree with the second resolution, you might send a letter to the courts or authorized management.