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Domain Consultation

Principle 1: Domains are as short as possible

Even though a short domain name is hard to register (since all the domain names .com, .net and .org which have less than 4 characters are taken), except your company’s full name, you should choose a super short domain such as,, etc. A short domain name is easily memorized, typed and designed as a logo, slogan, banner, etc.

Principle 2: Domains are memorable

It is easy to remember the special domain names like,,, or Those ones contain special meanings, simple words and rhymes, so you might find it easy to listen, read and memorize. Besides, silly domain names are the preferable choices, for example,, and so on. There is a tip that you should read aloud your desirable domain names for many times. If they are not easy to pronounce and remember, and also may cause some misunderstanding, choose other ones. The final purpose is to keep your domain names in your customers’ mind.

Principle 3: Domains are not confusing

The best domain is the one not similar and mistaken to the registered ones. If your domain is similar to a registered one, you may get in trouble. Moreover, your domain names have to be clear and easy to read, especially on phone. Do not use hyphens (-) unless it is necessary, for it is may cause some confusion and misunderstanding when read and typed.

Principle 4: Domains are hard to be wrong spelled

If you give someone a chance to misunderstand your domain, they will write it wrong. The more complicated your domain is, the more often it is written wrong. It is a long and complicated domain that you are losing your potential customers. Furthermore, someone might take advantage of this inconvenience to point to another website.

Principle 5: Domains must relate to your business

It is obvious that your domain names must be relevant to your business, but not easy at all. If you could not find one related to your business’ name, try the one representing features, special and unique points about your business. For example, your business’ name is A and you are working in hotel management, try You are recommended to use new domain extensions like .BIZ, .INFO instead of the common ones like .COM, .NET or .ORG.

Principle 6: Domains are built up for target customers

Most people are quite familiar with gTLDs like .com, .net and .org. Depending on your target customers and business, however, you can choose an appropriate domain for your website. If you wish to reach international customers, using .COM and .NET is much more helpful. Whereas, you attempt to express your business located at a specific nation, using a ccTLD (.VN, .UK, .DE, etc.) is a good choice.